Tax credit 

Amount of reduction 2021 

The maximum household deduction is EUR 2,250 per person. The deductible is 100 euros per year.

The household deduction is received only for the share of work. That is, you get a lot of 40% of the job share when you buy a job from a company.

You will receive the maximum deduction when the part of the invoice paid by the companies is EUR 5,875.

The maximum deduction for a couple is therefore 4500e, which gets it in the amount you pay the company has a work rate of 11750e.

Please note that you will not receive a household deduction for supplies or travel expenses. We always send an invoice with the amount of work specified.

You will receive a household deduction when the work is done

in your own home

in your leisure apartment

in the home of your parents or grandparents.

The apartment can be a owner-occupied apartment or a rental apartment

Here is a link to the taxpayer's guidance: HOUSEHOLD REDUCTION